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Plan Drawing Articles

Rift over water reform

A RIFT has developed between the government and farmers over the forthcoming Murray-Darling Basin plan, suggesting a major pre-election fight on water reform.

No plan, no land. What now?

ON PAPER at least, Melbourne @ 5 million, the state government's strategic plan for the urban growth of this city, displays all the grandiosity expected from a title that itself sounds like a major property development. But Melbourne @ 5 million is now little more than a fast-fading, flaking more

Krejza's new trick a worthy counter for Pigeon's old pea and thimble

Cricket will thrive long as it keeps finding thinkers such as Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath and improvers such as Jason Krejza. In the past few days, these fellows produced moments that will prove hard to beat all season. Along the way, they confirmed that cricket is a thinking more

Roads Plan Raises New Truck Route Fears

NEW laws that would see some Melbourne roads prioritised for tram, bus, bicycle, pedestrian or freight use have alarmed local councils, who see them as an attempt to ram through new heavy truck routes.

Council Drive On Parking Shortage

WOLLONGONG City Council is drawing up a new parking strategy to avoid a repeat of the angry scenes that followed last week's Wiggles concert.